Screw Bowl Feeder

Product Details:-
Length 10-20 feet
Material Aluminium
Capacity 50-100 kg per feet
Belt Width 10-20 inch
Condition New

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Perfection Engineering is specialized in manufacturing Screw Bowl Feeder system which is suitable for nails, screws, pins, studs and rivets in various sizes. The screw bowl feeder is designed in such a way that the component parts are set upright and they can be easily delivered to the subsequent process. The bowl is constructed with stainless steel, coated with a tough polymer lining for long life and the outlet is made by CNC technology. The sorting ring is height-adjustable depending on the size of the screw and has a feeding rate of up to 550 parts per minute. Our experts have designed the feeding system with focus on connecting all parts of the installation directly with one another and has a feeding rate of up to 550 parts per minute. Our experts provide you options from a range of feeder designs available with us and customize them to accommodate your fastener/component requirements.

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Perfection Engineering designs and manufactures medium or high-speed Bowl Feeder Systems as per customer requirement. Precise and accurate distribution of the components is the basis of our designing to deliver an efficient and economical automated Feeder System for assembly lines.